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Therapy for Parenteral Nutrition

Metroplex Vital Care provides convenient parenteral nutrition services to your office or home setting. 

Our dedicated Nutrition Support Team consisting of pharmacists, dietitians, nurses and other trained professionals, work closely with patients to achieve optimal nutritional outcomes.

Treatment Conditions

We are the 5th Largest Home Infusion Provider Nationwide

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Parenteral Nutrition Therapy

Patients with problematic digestive systems that require parenteral therapy benefit greatly from our at home care.

Instead of stressful visits to hospital, arranging transport, taking time off work and enduring long waiting times, our patients can relax at home. This gives them vital time to prepare for their treatments and means that they face little interruption to their daily routines.

When patients are treated at home, their treatment feels far less stressful and intrusive. It helps to look after their dignity and welfare, and it means that they can have their loved ones on hand to offer help and support.

Experienced, Dedicated, and Comprehensive Care

Metroplex’s experienced and dedicated Nutrition Support Team consist of pharmacists, dieticians, nurses and other highly trained professionals. Everyone on our team work together to ensure that our patients receive the highest level of care possible. Whilst at the same time ensuring that impact and disruption to our patient’s lives is kept to a minimum.

Whether this be providing each patient with the appropriate treatments to ensure that they receive optimal nutritional outcomes, or simply providing a high level of personal and professional care. Our patient’s welfare is at the forefront of everything we do. This means that our patient’s quality of life dramatically improves along with their wellbeing.

When patients receive their parenteral nutrition therapy in the comfort of their own home, they respond well to the treatment. Receptive to the compassionate one on one care they receive and grateful for being able to keep their dignity and independence.

Your Patients Deserve Excellent Care

They also feel more comfortable to ask questions and learn how to self-administer their treatments. This means that should they need emergency treatments, our patients stay calm and relaxed, confident in the knowledge that, if needed, they can administer the treatments themselves. 

Whilst this means less time in hospital receiving their treatments, it also cuts down on hospital readmissions and dramatically lowers the patient’s medical bills.

Not only does this mean that our patient’s welfare and quality of life is increased, but it also helps to reduce the burden on hospitals. It frees up beds, staff, time and resources in hospitals that can be put to vital use elsewhere.

As patients become more responsive and confident in their treatments, they start to feel like they’re getting their independence and their life back. Their loved ones can see real improvements and feel valued themselves, delighted that they’re able to help play a vital role in the patient’s treatments and recovery.

This is why, when it comes to parenteral therapy at home, Metroplex are the experts. Improving both patient’s welfare and quality of life, whilst at the same time reducing the burden on hospital staff and resources.

Complete, Cost-Effective Care

With our dedicated and caring clinical and administration team, Metroplex ensure that every aspect of our patient’s care and welfare is catered for. From ordering and handling all the vital supplies, to the issuing of infusion, care and education.

Treating each patient at home or in our ambulatory infusion suite means Metroplex is helping to keep hospital beds and resources free. This contributes to great savings as well as increasing patient care and welfare.

We are the 5th Largest Home Infusion Provider Nationwide

Providing Convenient Solutions to Your Health Care​


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