immunoglobulin therapy

Therapy For Autoimmune, Immunodeficiency,
& Neurological Disorders

At Metroplex Vital Care, our data-driven infusion specialty strongly focuses on providing immunoglobulin therapy services nationwide.

Our dedicated team of pharmacists, nurses, and other vital professionals provide a consistent, coordinated infusion experience in the comfort of your home or office setting.



Neurological Disorders

We are the 5th Largest Home Infusion Provider Nationwide

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Immunoglobulin Therapy

Patients requiring immunoglobulin therapy can often become worried, scared or stressed. Metroplex’s dedicated and professional team of carers work tirelessly to combat these worries for our patients.

At Metroplex, we work as one unit. Our experienced team of pharmacists, nurses and administration staff all work hard to ensure that our patient’s welfare is always taken care of and their needs are met.

You see, we realized that if our patients are calm and relaxed, they respond better to their treatments. So, by offering each patient dedicated, compassionate, one on one care, we’re helping to greatly improve our patient’s lives.

Supporting Patients and Their Loved Ones

And the great thing is, when our patients are treated at home, their loved ones really appreciate it. Because instead of feeling like a spare part at hospital, or sometimes not being able to make it, they can offer valuable support and help if needed. This helps them to see the real difference we’re making to our patient’s lives.

Improved quality of life doesn’t just stop there though. Our patients can develop more of a routine and enjoy more stability in their life. This is because they don’t have the added stress of arranging transport or making plans to get into hospital and then having to endure long waiting times when they get there.

Instead, they can relax and mentally prepare themselves for treatment at home. With friends and family on hand to help where needed. Even if it’s just to offer some supportive words, the difference this makes to our patient’s quality of life is incredible.

Top Class Treatment and Care

Home-treated patients feel more informed, less rushed, and more involved in their treatment. They’re encouraged to be more independent, with our dedicated nurses helping teach them how to self-administer their treatment at home. And when patients can self-administer their treatment, they feel empowered and optimistic about the future. Knowing that should they need emergency care; they have the knowledge and the skills to deal with it themselves.

By providing hospital-level care in the comfort of our patient’s homes, Metroplex is helping to reduce the burden on hospitals. Freeing up hospital beds, staff, time, and resources. 

Through teamwork and dedication, Metroplex’s coordinated infusion experience provides our patients with a quality of life they wouldn’t be able to experience elsewhere. It helps each patient feel calm, relaxed, and responsive to their treatment whilst their loved ones feel informed and involved. 

That’s why choosing Metroplex for at-home treatment is the right choice to make for the patient, their loved ones, and for hospitals.

Complete, Cost-Effective Care

Treating patients for hemophilia and bleeding disorders in hospitals can cause several issues. Patients feel more stressed when having to travel into the hospital to receive their treatments.

Treatment in hospital means time away from their relaxing home environment and often away from family and friends. 

Organizing the travel can cause even more stress and disruption for the patient. Not only that, but if they need treatment quickly, travelling into the hospital can cause serious bleeding. Whereas, if they can be treated at home, the patient can be treated quicker, resulting in less bleeding and side effects.

By treating patients in their own home, Metroplex Vital Care will help take the strain away from hospitals. Freeing up vital beds, time and resources that can be directed elsewhere.

We are the 5th Largest Home Infusion Provider Nationwide

Providing Convenient Solutions to Your Health Care​