Our facility operates with safe and effective anti-infective therapy in the comfort of your home or office setting. When serious infections do not respond to oral medications, our experienced pharmacists work closely with physicians regarding drug selection, dosing changes, and clinical interventions to successfully combat infections with IV therapy.

Treatment Conditions

Antibiotic, Antiviral, And Antifungal

As effective as oral medications are, sometimes patients with serious infections simply don’t respond to them.

Should this happen, Metroplex Vital Care will ensure that the patients receive IV therapy with hospital level care in the comfort of their own home.

Our experienced pharmacists work closely alongside our physicians. Together they ensure that each patient receives the correct drug selection, dosage and IV therapy.

After all, any intravenous therapy can be worrying and stressful for the patient. But by ensuring that each patient receives the best care possible at home, Metroplex help to keep stress levels at a minimum for each patient.

When patients receive their IV therapy at home, they’re far more relaxed than if they were to receive the treatment at a hospital.

We are the 5th Largest Home Infusion Provider Nationwide

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Reduced Stress, Improved Quality of Life

Patient’s at home IV therapy ensures that they don’t have the added stress of travelling to hospital. They don’t have to suffer through long waiting times or have to take time off from work or school to attend.

Another aspect that our patients, and their loved ones, really like about our home infusion services is that we help keep loved ones by their side. You see, because we always aim to work round the patient and visit at a time suitable to them, the patient’s loved ones find it much easier to attend as well.

This means that they can be on hand to offer guidance or support to the patient. Which helps them respond better to the treatment, and it keeps loved ones informed and involved in the patient’s welfare.

At Metroplex Vital Care, our entire professional and caring team work with one goal in mind, to ensure that each patient receives the best care possible.

Improving Family Ties and Patient Satisfaction

Whether that be through receiving treatment in a calm, stress-free environment. Having a loved one by their side offering support. Or by giving each patient as much independence as possible by teaching them how to self-administer their own IV therapy.

By teaching each patient how to self-administer their IV treatment, we’ve found that patients feel calmer and more confident. They also feel more independent and relieved, safe in the knowledge that should anything happen, they have the skills to deal with it themselves.

There are many benefits to patients being taught how to self-administer their own IV therapy, not only does it boost their confidence, but it also helps to reduce their stress levels.

Another great benefit is that by self-administering their own IV therapy, patients are dramatically reducing the strains on hospitals. Freeing up beds, staff, time and resources. All of which can be better used elsewhere.

So, as you can see, for patients requiring safe and effective anti-infective therapy, Metroplex is the right choice to make.

We are the 5th Largest Home Infusion Provider Nationwide

Providing Convenient Solutions to Your Health Care​